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2020 Pinot Noir 750mL

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Our Pinot noir is a beautiful garnet colour, with spice and red berry fruit aromas, which are also represented on the palate. The fine tannins are nicely balanced with the natural acidity, and a silky texture, producing an elegant wine suitable for drinking now or cellaring. It displays the typical robust characteristics of Derwent Valley gravelly limestone terroir.

This harvest was the first to be undertaken with social distancing due to the COVID pandemic, with picking a couple of weeks after lockdowns began.

Our Pinot pairs well with cured meats and sharp cheeses, rich casseroles (slow cooked lamb or coq au vin), roasts (turkey, pork loin), beef steak, and mushroom or truffle dishes.

Alcohol content: 13.0% (7.7 standard drinks)
Size: 750 mL

More about this wine

2020 season

Spring was a mixture of warm and very cool, with frost warnings in mid September. Cold nights were common. There was a very hot day at the end of November and strong winds all the way through until mid November. Rainfall was ⅔ average.

Summer saw hotter temperatures in December and January but cooler in February. We had two days over 40°C (December and January) and one day of 15°C in February. Rainfall was ½ the average (65mm).

Autumn was cooler during the day but cloudy weather meant warmer nights.

It was very wet mid March with over 100mm falling on 16 March.

This harvest was the first to be undertaken with social distancing due to the COVID pandemic.

We picked Chardonnay on 3 April. Pinot Noir was picked on 18 April.

Technical details

Alcohol content 13.0% (7.7 standard drinks)




Bottles produced

Date picked

Preservative and allergen information

We use a small amount of sulphur-based preservative (224) in all of our wines and Verjuice to stabilise the wine and ensure a long life.

All of our still wines are packaged on a bottling line that may have traces of nut products. We do not use any nuts as part of our production process.

Our white wines may contain traces of dairy products (skim milk) remaining in the wine after the fining and filtration process.

Our red wines are vegan-friendly wines, as we do not use any animal products in their production.

Packaging and recycling information

Our sparkling wine is labelled with recyclable waterproof labels (designed to remain intact in ice buckets!) and biodegradable inks. The cap, cage (muselet), foil and glass bottle are fully recyclable.

Our natural cork stopper can be composted at home or via compost collection, or recycled through ReCork (available at select Dan Murphy’s stores across Australia).

All of our still wines are labelled with compostable paper-based labels for each varietal and a handwritten year; this allows us to eliminate duplication of labels for different vintages. The screw cap and glass bottle are fully recyclable.

We ship all of our wine using recycled cardboard packaging. Sparkling wine is packaged during bottling; still wine is packaged during order processing. You may receive different packages depending on availability. We reuse boxes from tasting events and within our storage facility.