Our story

Viridian Wines is a small family owned label producing limited volume, single vineyard, premium wine using environmentally sustainable techniques.

Michael and Lyn Rochford taste sparkling wine in the garden of the vineyard

Photo: Remi Chauvin, Spring in the Vines

Unlike many winegrowers, the Rochford family had no family history or background, but now have more than 15 years experience and Lyn has a post-graduate qualification in Viticulture and Wine Technology.


Why Viridian?

The name Viridian is derived from the colour green used by the Environmentally Sustainable Design movement. In the 1850s viridian green was developed to provide a non-toxic pigment for artists and painters. Earlier green pigments contained arsenic and were very toxic. Whilst not naturally occurring, viridian green is environmentally sustainable. Our aim is to make limited volume, single vineyard, premium wines using environmentally sustainable techniques.


Broadview is a tiny two hectare vineyard, located near the larger vineyards of Stefano Lubiana and Derwent Estate, overlooking the Derwent River, 20km north of Hobart.

Roger McShane describes the area beautifully:

“Set on sloping tertiary limestone rubble that falls away to the stunning wetlands on the edge of the lazy Derwent River, the grapes here benefit from the interplay of sunshine, rain and the fogs that regularly spread a blanket of pure white across the valley.”

We grow Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes to produce still and sparkling wines using environmentally sustainable practices. We hand prune and harvest our grapes, taking only the best quality fruit at optimum ripeness and flavour. The first grapes were planted in 1996, and we expanded our plantings slowly to reach two hectares.

Our wines are made by Alain Rousseau at Frogmore Creek Wines, with minimal intervention to allow the wines to show the environmental and seasonal influences that shape the wine, or what the French call terroir.

Lyn and Michael Rochford sip their sparkling wine in front of a red van at the vineyard

Photo: Dearna Bond